Hello I’m Ewa Dabkiewicz , the artist behind EVARTSTUDIO ,

I have been living in the middle of Poland in the city called Lodz .

I graduated of the Academy of Fine Arts in Lodz, Poland

I work with watercolors and inks ,acrylics and oil paint  but I am also graphic designer

and print-maker. I love printmaking very much.

As far as I remember ART has always been my greatest love .

My body of works covers various techniques from graphic design through collages, woodcuts and

lino-cuts to watercolors and ink paintings or acrylics as well.

My preferred subject is a human body and I’m fascinated by nature..

to be honest I am looking inspiration all the time .. and I can find it

in so many places and subjects.

Since I remember I knew that I have to follow my heart and just create.

I would like to share my art with the world

In my EVARTSTUDIO shop you can find original paintings,printmakings

art jewelry based on my designs as well as high quality archival prints.

All my works are made with care for you.

Really Thanks so much for stopping by !